Household e-Waste recycling

If it runs on an electrical plug or batteries E-WISE can dispose of it with our household eWaste recycling service.

At schools, at home or at work any every piece of electrical and electronic equipment you use from the company photocopier to your home computer, TVs, power tools, garden tools such as electrical hedge trimmers, even an electric tooth brush needs an environmentally responsible end when it stops working or is replaced.

Why we charge. We are sometimes asked why we charge to dispose of eWaste. While there are some precious metals in most electronic goods, the proportion of value in each item is quite small compared to the cost to safely dismantle, recover, distribute and dispose of ALL parts of an item – this process requires people and time. . We may be able to collect your electronic waste (usually Thursday during working hours), so if you can’t get to us, we may be able to come to you.

Bring your old electronics to ewise and keep them of landfill.

We need to stop the growing problem of ewaste the biggest growing waste stream.

Be a responsible eWaste recycler and protect New Zealand with a 100% No Landfill Guarantee.

If you have electronic items to recycle call us on (09) 817 6883