About us

Welcome to E-WISE  Limited a New Zealand owned and operated eWaste recycling, reuse and disposal company. We want to share with you the issue of eWaste in New Zealand, the impact New Zealand’s eWaste is having internationally and why we decided to take action to help reduce New Zealand’s eWaste footprint.

Before E-WISE, Terry Kourti ran the highly successful North Shore Copier Solutions Limited, a photocopier repair, service and recycling business that sent old, but working copiers to developing countries to be on-sold to businesses there. Terry realized that while he was helping developing countries with access to technology he could not be certain that these machines were being disposed of safely at the end of their working life. On further investigation into the world wide eWaste situation and consequences resulting from eWaste, he chose to be part of the solution, not the part of the problem.

Reflecting on the journey so far, Terry is upfront about the need for change “I didn’t have to look that deeply into the eWaste problem to witness the environmental, social and health issues it is causing across the world and in here in New Zealand. I knew that the business had to change, I could not continue with the ‘unknown’ and knew that if we could provide a hundred percent guaranteed solution in New Zealand we would be part of a positive way forward; a solution.”

E-WISE undertook months of investigation in New Zealand and internationally to find a way to recycle the unused and out of date electrical items that guaranteed no eWaste would end up in rubbish dumps and landfill sites.

E-WISE opened its first processing facility in west Auckland in February 2013. To date the business has prevented in excess of 100 tonnes of eWaste going to landfill. The business is gaining momentum with strong endorsement from corporate and SME businesses, communities, consumers, manufacturers and government organisations.