The E-WISE Solution

We decided to tackle the growing problem of electrical waste disposal in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Working with communities, schools, the public and small and corporate businesses we have established a one-stop-shop process to guarantee a 100% No Landfill solution for New Zealand’s consumer and business.

All items sent to our west Auckland processing facility are sorted between recyclable and re-sellable items; these are stripped down and further sorted into different materials. The recyclable material such as metals are taken to a recycle plant; the plastics are sent away for remolding into new products and parts that do not have immediate use are stored at our facilities for future use. Even paper left in recycled photocopier machines is donated to local schools.

E-WISE is transforming potentially hazardous waste into re-usable materials that are used locally and exported globally. For items that cannot be recycled locally, we have secured international partnership with companies that provide a guaranteed 100% recycling process.

We are committed to keeping e-Waste out of landfill at home in New Zealand and internationally.