How you can help with eWaste

There are lots of ways that you can help with eWaste

You can help with eWasteBe responsible

Take responsibility for your e-Waste and protect the future of New Zealand. Dispose of your unwanted electronic items by taking them to a certified 100% no landfill e-waste day or company. Ensure that your e-Waste recycler or collection point is accountable for the products disposal, and guarantees that your e-Waste will not go to landfill, many cannot!

Call E-WISE, we can arrange to collect or visit our processing facility (click here to contact us) for a one shop stop, 100% guarantee no landfill solution. Join E-WISE in our drive to keep electronic items out of landfill – 100% No Landfill.

Sign up using the box on the right for updates and reports and contact us for your e-Waste recycling. Lets act together to keep e waste off New Zealand’s land fills. Please call today for a collection.

Remember that you can help with eWaste!